You talking to me?

“You don’t need a brand-new product to do innovative marketing; you just need a customized marketing approach."   

   You talking to me


You talking to me

You talking to me

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Fine-tune your marketing

Nexans IKO Sweden recently improved their HFFR (Halogen-Free Flame-Retardant) building cables, and then conducted a marketing campaign fine-tuned to the concerns of various customer segments.


Adapt your message to the customer

Because the building market is the largest business area for Nexans in Sweden, the Power Division optimized all HFFR products in terms of flexibility, strippability, scratch resistance, sliding behavior and cost; and marketed the cable in two different ways: first to installers, and then to consultants, building owners and cable prescribers.

Push handling and safety

The message to installers concerned handling properties and installation ease, while the second group learned how HFFR contributes to public safety, a growing concern because of recent fires in public buildings, tunnels and factories.


Watch dramatic Internet videos

A “Work & Pleasure” campaign allowed installers to test strip HFFR cables at special stands in three wholesaler outlets – a total of 150 shops.  By merely stripping the cable they received a Nexans T-shirt, and if they filled out a questionnaire suggesting a slogan of “Why Nexans Cables are Great,” they could win a football trip to Madrid. 8,000 questionnaires were filled out with valuable, positive feedback. Meanwhile, building owners, consultants and prescribers (nearly 2,000 of them) were told why they should use HFFR cables. Three mailings were done at 2-3 day intervals inciting them to watch several movies and animations about HFFR tests and safety at: (Click on “Hoppa over intro” on lower right screen).


Increase sales

The marketing campaign worked extremely well. HFFR sales in Sweden increased by 10% in 2009!