EASYFIL® 1+1+1= 1?

“Time-proven wiring products can often be given new life by rethinking how they can be assembled and packaged."   










Squeezing three into one

Developed for busy French electricians doing residential wiring, EASYFIL®, uses an easily-strippable, pliable PVC “binder” to squeeze three separate wires (red, blue, green/yellow) into a single bundle, thus saving space and time, and facilitating installation.


Saves time and effort

EASYFIL® is not a sheath, nor does it completely enclose the wires (they are still partially visible through the slits). However, the consolidation of three wires makes it stiffer, meaning that it can be inserted into tubes or cable troughs in longer lengths and with far less effort. Mounted on an N’Roll® reel, traction force is reduced by 60% when pulling into tubes.

Winning formula

This fully-patented Nexans innovation will be appreciated by wholesale distributors and electrical installation companies. In fact, of electricians polled, 85% spontaneously said that they would buy the product when available.


Hands-on marketing

Having acquired experience in simplifying short-length cabling for do-it-yourselfers, we wanted to facilitate installation for professionals. So we consulted 80 installers, and created prototypes. For marketing, we created a provocative poster, made a demonstration video for distributors, sent out a letter with samples to 43,000 French electricians, and developed a special show box for wholesalers containing short samples for physical handling and examination. We ourselves installed the materials in over 1,000 stores and distribution centers. To see the poster, video, technical sheets and support materials, consult www.nexans.fr


Future combinations

First deliveries were sent out in mid-January, and our partners have already placed significant orders. We are now considering combinations of 3, 4 and 5 wires, and hope that this solution will interest other plants within the Group.